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    Vicki Hansen

    Specialty: Areola, SeminarsArtists,

    Specialty: Medical Pigmentation & Scar Camouflage

    Seminar: Unilateral Areola and Scar Needling strategies

    As 3D areola artists, we are often faced with the toughest challenge of all…. The unilateral mastectomy and the breast scars. In this advanced class, Vicki will teach you her tricks for matching the translucency and details of the original breast. She will also cover scar needling strategies often associated with the surgical scars left behind.  

    Artist: Vicki Hansen, CPCP is considered a veteran in the world of PMU with 27 years of experience. She is known for her willingness to share her vast knowledge with her students and colleagues alike. Vicki tattooed her first pair of areolas for an up-and-coming plastic surgeon a year after her fundamental training. Hired on-the-spot, she worked with her Plastic surgeon as a permanent makeup artist and medical aesthetician. From that moment, it was needle-to-nipples (faux nipples). Because she works with many of the Top Plastic surgeons in Texas, Vicki has seen all parts of surgery, post care, chemotherapy, radiation and her favorite; the reconstruction. Teaches & performs 3D areola and scar reedling/camouflage procedures. Her personal style, humor filled stories and years of experience will help put the pieces together for you. 

    Website: www.vickismakingfaces.com

    Instagram: @vickismakingfaces

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    Seminar Price: $599.00


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