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    Verica Blasko

    Specialty: Eyeliner,

    Verica Blasko

    Dear colleagues,

    My name is Verica Blaško and I come from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia – a small European country.
    I have a Master's degree in electrical engineering and telecommunications. This area of specialization was a challenge for me in my early youth owing to my keen interest and aspiration to pursue mathematics to its highest level. I continuously gained new education regarding digital mobile networks and integrated communication systems in order to keep up with modern technologies, which was my great desire.
    I embarked on a career in permanent makeup purely by chance. Namely, my best friend Daniella persuaded me to enter this world 15 years ago. She would often say that the two of us are artists who could achieve their fullest potential in permanent makeup. Daniella had a vision and kept saying that the permanent makeup industry would grow significantly in the years to come. Unfortunately, premature death prevented Daniella from making our dreams come true.
    My path to success was not a straight line.
    I started off with Goldeneye, a big German brand name in permanent makeup.
    I am a perfectionist in my work, so I keep trying to outdo myself every single time. Therefore, I continued attending educational sessions all over the world trying to find perfection in one place. I have always been intrigued by the answers to these questions: “Which machine is the best?“ & “Which pigments and needles should I use?“ etc.
    My dedication, knowledge and experience helped me create my unique style. The praise I get for my work on daily basis makes me confident that I have created a distinctive technique appreciated and easily recognized both by my clients and my colleagues.
    In the last few years I have been very active as an educator. I have conducted a great number of one-on-one and group trainings sessions travelling tens of thousands of kilometres across the world. What is more, I also give presentations and work on life models at all relevant permanent makeup conferences worldwide.
    It is my goal to help my colleagues grasp the essence of my technique through the educational process so that they can improve their work and their clients’ satisfaction. This is the way how all of us together are creating conditions for permanent makeup to become globally popular.
    Permanent makeup is now my life, my whole world which constantly inspires me and makes my life exciting and more enjoyable.
    Daniella, Thank you so much! I hope you are proud of me.


    Instagram: @vericablaskopmu

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trajnasminkabyblasko/ 

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