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    Steven Greitzer & Matt Iulo

    Specialty: Masterclass, Smp,

    Specialty: Scalp Micro-pigmentation 

    Secrets of SMP 

    Industry veterans Matt Iulo and Steven Greitzer have joined together to create an SMP training course never seen before in the industry.

    This is an advanced 6 hour course where we take a deep dive into the secrets of SMP. The goal is to show students techniques, tips and tricks used by the most seasoned SMP technicians.

    Learn how to create the most hyper realistic results in the industryand WOW your clients. This course covers topics typically left out or just touched on in fundamental training.


    Topics include:

    Skin and SMP – learn the complex relationship between the human body’s largest organ and how it relates to the SMP procedure.


    Color Theory- How to choose pigments and the difference between colored pigments and the ‘carbon dilution method”


    Machine and Needle Theory – learn the ins and outs of machines and the tools we use for SMP.

    How to create the perfect blend- ​Proper blending of SMP is essential for seamlessly natural results. We will show you how!

    Hyperrealism techniques- learn how to use varied needle sizes and groupings to great the most realistic effects on skin that HEAL perfectly

    Scar Concealment- learn the best way to camouflage a scar from hair transplants.​Roughly 25% of SMP clients have existing hair transplants, add this skill to your business now!


    Corrections – How to troubleshoot poor work. Learn how to trouble shoot poor or incomplete results.


    Marketing Tips- learn how to market your new or existing business and grab your piece of this massively growing market.


    1 on 1 time – It is important to us that all students get personal time with both trainers.​ Please bring at least 3 case study photos so your trainers can offer constructive assessments and critiques 


    Class includes presentations for theory as well as drills and exercises on melons and silicon. There will not be any live models. SMP/PMU experience is a prerequisite for this course.


    ** Teachers will be providing certificates of completion at the end of each class **  

    Instagram: @thescalpking , @steveyg_smp

    Facebook: Matthew Joseph 

    Website: www.scalpmicrousa.com , www.steveygsmp.com 

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    Seminar Price: $1,199.00


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      Steven Greitzer & Matt Iulo

      Seminars are non-refundable.