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    Stacie Rae

    Specialty: Areola,

    Stacie-Rae created and founded the A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattoo when she faced her own preventative mastectomy.  She realized that there were no tattooers at that time that were doing realistic areola tattooing that actually stood the test of time, so she wrote a book about how to achieve a higher quality result, inspiring the whole industry to aim higher.  The book called for easy to understand diagrams, so she designed a first, nipple design "flash sheet" and stencils just like old school tattoo shops!

    NIPPLEBACKS Temporary 3D realistic Nipple Tattoos, another original, are a by-product of that book and have proven to be a powerful healing aid that also empowers clients to make a permanent decision.  

    Struggling to find permanent pigment solutions that also looked natural, Stacie-Rae worked with her protege at the time, Samantha Rae, and the amazing World Famous Tattoo Ink crew to create the Pink Ribbon Series, which has made survivors lives better all over the world!

    When she decided to start offering education from a traditional tattoo artist point of view, she quickly realized how limited understanding of actually tattooing scar tissue was, and saw the need to create a tool to counter that, designing MEDARTPRO SKINS, hand made by A.R.T. Senior Partner, Samantha Rae (not sisters, believe it or not). 

    *MEDARTPRO SKINS are the worlds first realistic practice skins that show a broad range of damage caused by reconstruction, including stretch marks, keloid, thin skin due to radiation, necrotic tissue and more!  Finally, we can offer focused education with a tool that shows the students what it actually feels like to work with compromised tissue.  With this tool, we can effectively teach Collagen Induction Therapy, effective scar reduction, and what hand techniques will tear this fragile skin.

    *MEDARTPRO SKINS are also the first practice tool to represent all ethnicities, changing the game yet again!  Now we can test different color combinations in different skin tones and really learn how to anticipate what each body will need.

    *MEDARTPRO is the supportive culmination of these seperate projects, Mastectomy Evolution Design for the Artistic and Areola Restorative Tattoo Professional.

    Website: www.AreolaRestorativeTattoo.com
    Website: www.Stacie-Rae.com


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