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    Renata Pruszewski

    Specialty: Smp,

    Renata Pruszewski is one of the first practitioners in Canada specializing in Scalp Micropigmentation.  She started treating clients with hair loss, alopecia, density after thinning and hair transplants and scar camouflage in 2014.  Her interest spiked after learning permanent makeup procedures in 2010 when she noticed that SMP is getting popular in Europe and US and without many places offering trainings and hardly any performing scalp procedures in Canada.    She learned scalp micropigmentation in US and UK and is always on top of the new techniques and new technologies in this field. 

    She became a presenter at conferences and a trainer.  She strongly believes in continuing education and lives by the words "Never stop learning".

    Renata came from the dental/medical background with over 20 years of experience beautifying smiles and now makes her clients feel even better about themselves with scalp micropigmentation and permanent makeup procedures.   With strong medical influence she is very strict about infection control and prevention and raising the standard of awareness about it. 

    She won the Best Canadian SMP ARTIST in 2018 and again this year at the WSMPA in Orlando.   Also,  she is one of the FINALIST FOR NORTH AMERICA second time in a row at the Team Micro Awards in London, UK. 

    She is also well known for her natural hairlines and many new artists follow her work closely to improve their skills. 



    Instagram : scalp_amplifiedrenata_pruszewski

    FB :  Scalp Amplified / Beauty Amplified Studio

    FB: Renata Pruszewski

    WEBSITE:  www.ScalpAmplifiedStudios.com

    YouTube:  Scalp Amplified Studios

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