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    Oksana Martynenko

    Specialty: Eyebrows, Masterclass,

    Specialty : Eyebrows 

    Master class : OMG "Cashmere" Brows 

    Probably the toughest but at the same time most creative technique in the PMU industry – is hair strokes technique! I will tell you why it is worth falling in love with this technique, how to simplify it and most important – how to develop your own creative skills in order to create your own unique schemes and patterns.

    OMG “Cashmere” Brows –  this is her newest unique technology of performing the eyebrows in hair strokes technique because she always aimed at a qualitatively healed result. This technique allows you to achieve the perfect results from the very first treatment. Everything is much easier than it seems!

    OMG “Cashmere” Brows technique allows you to create an effect of thick and fluffy eyebrows which are actually a modern trend of our time.

    Aspects that will be covered during the master-class

    • Analysis of the bend of the hair stroke. Drawing a hair stroke from point A to point B

    • Hatching analysis (short, average and long hatches)

    • Hatching practice. Direction of the movement

    • Color and pigments analysis

    • Color overlay analysis. Pressure on the skin, amount of passes.

    • Creation scheme of one particular hair stroke. From A to Z.

    • Hatching practice along one particular hair stroke

    • Analysis of the formation of the eyebrow scheme on a paper

    • 5 steps of an eyebrow creation

    • Analysis of light and dark zones on the eyebrow.

    • Individual approach to every participant with “hand positioning”

      during the practice

      What you will get after the masterclass

    • Workbooks with different exercises

    • Homework during the masterclass

    • Latex practice with Oksana Martynenko supervising

    • OMG lifehacks

    • Awards for best latex work

    • Motivation and stimulation for future work

    • Step by step guide to photos editing

    • 3 months WhatsApp support after the course

    • CD with a demo work of a lecturer

    • A lot of fun

    Instagram: @o.martynenko

    Facebook: OMG universe by Oksana Martynenko

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    Cashmere Brows $1,199.00

    Cashmere Brows + Eyeliner $2,040.00


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