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    Michon Martinez

    Specialty: Eyebrows, SeminarsArtists,

    Specialty: PMU Removal 

    Seminar: Li-FT Pigment Lightening and Removal

    Li-FT Pigment Removal has become the most talked about and highest referred removal class in the industry today. Li-FT the solution is made by Li Pigments and is an all-natural saline solution using the power of different salts, orange seed extract and lemon seed extract.  This class will teach you how to safely and effectively remove bad permanent makeup such as Eyeliner, Solid Eyebrows, Hairstroke/Microbladed Brows, Body Tattoos, Advanced Migrated Eyeliners and even Emergency Removals!   Michon will be teaching the different techniques used such as pointillism and tight circle movement.  Needle selection, Technique, Aftercare and all the do’s and don’ts will be thoroughly reviewed to educate you and allow you to achieve the best results possible for your clients.  This is an in-depth class that will prepare you to perform safe and effective removal procedures and allows techs to put this knowledge and training straight to work.


    Michon Martinez is a Las Vegas native. She’s been working at Girlz Ink Studio for 5 years and has learned pigment removal from the queen of removal herself, Teryn Darling. Michon has been preforming removal procedures on all areas of the body for over four years, along with doing permanent makeup procedures and is a licensed esthetician. She has continued her obsession and passion for pigment removal by becoming a hands-on trainer to students all over the world.

    Not only is she knowledgeable and skilled in removal using the machine but with the hand tool as well. She has been very successful in more advanced removal procedures such as migrated eyeliner and what Teryn coined “emergency removals”  incorporating many different techniques and needles depending on the area and the situation. 


    Instagram: MsEmeraldInk

    Facebook: Michon Martinez

    Website: https://girlzink.com/people/michon-l-martinez/

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    Seminar Price: $599.00


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