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    Lulu Siciliano

    Specialty: Lips, SeminarsArtists,

    Speciality: Lips

    Seminar: Lip Blush for Dark Lips

    For many years tattooing Dark lips has been a debate in the industry but since the popularity of permanent makeup techniques, color theory and the technology its perception has changed dramatically.

    This corrective cosmetic procedure can be life changing since the result can significantly change a persons look while restoring confidence and a natural look to the patient.

    Lulu Siciliano is an esteemed permanent make up artist that by combining her fine art skills and PMU background has been able create a system for “dark lips correction”.

    This technique is intended for professionals with a vast experience in other permanent cosmetic procedures. Lulu Siciliano is one of the few artists world wide that is able to achieve this technique and is now taking the opportunity to teach it to others as a PMU trainer.

    Artist: Breaking outdated PMU rules to pave the way for a new school of PMU artists, she is involved in developing new products and ways to apply her craft. Her specialty is performing procedures on lips and eyebrows which have helped her to become one of the few artists in the world who can professionally achieve the dark lip correction procedure. The only tradition she believes in keeping is her thirst to make the PMU world a better, more collaborative place for everyone to thrive in. That is why she shares her technique and knowledge by conducting Master Classes in Miami and all over the world. She’s constantly connecting with new people and sharing her love of PMU.

    In early 2019, Lulu struck a partnership with pigment manufacturing giant, PermaBlend. It was from that partnership that Lulu’s own PMU pigment line, Evenflo, was born. She now offers this product to all PMU artists to help them achieve the perfect look for her patients. Whenever she’s not drafting new ideas, she also performs lip, eyebrow, permanent makeup repair and areola repair under the business name, PMU by Lulu.

    Website: www.pmubylulu.com

    Instagram: @pmubylulu 

    Facebook: Lulu Siciliano

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    Seminar Price: $599.00


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