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    Linda Paradis

    Specialty: ArtistIpcs2020,

    • CEO Linda Paradis Group
    • CEO Tecnic Innovation
    • CEO Line Paradis Cosmetic Trading- LLC
    • International Tattoo Removal Trainer
    • Specialist in tattoo removal research 
    • The inventor of Magnetic cartridge 88RS

    Linda Paradis is the first international leader who launched and developed a safe and secure non-invasive technique for tattoo removals. This miraculous procedure is marketed as an alternative to laser tattoo removals and surgical excisions. In 2006, Linda developed her unique magnetic tattoo removal method, which guarantees exceptional results, without the use of laser or risky surgeries. The differentiating and most important factor with Linda’s magnetic tattoo removal technique is the concept of the magnetic SquareNeedles 88RS paired with the specially formulated Tattoo Remoov TM solution with a pH 8,5. This combination ensures no inflammation or scars on the client’s skin following the removal procedure.

    Linda Paradis, CEO and founder of Linda Paradis Group, is a renowned tattoo removal trainer. With over 25 years of industry experience as a clinical practitioner, trainer, and international examiner, Linda continues to enhance and broaden her knowledge of the skin and travels worldwide to share her findings with industry professionals, physicians, and other educators in her global magnetic tattoo removal training courses.
    As a reputed and assiduous leader within the tattoo removal industry, Linda Paradis
    explores the world in search of exclusivity and innovation, putting her customers’ satisfaction and safety first. With this as a driving factor, Linda continues to help her clients achieve their desired goals of removing unwanted permanent makeup or body art with her remarkable magnetic tattoo removal technique. She obtained the Oscar of Innovation Award in 2004 at the Mondial Beauté in Paris and the charter for the quality and ongoing importance of her work.
    As a recognized leader in the tattoo removal industry, Linda provides professional trainings and speaks at conferences worldwide.
    Member of SPCP since 2002 - 2016 " Society of Professional Cosmetics Permanent " in Ilinois - USA.

    Linda will be doing live demos on magnetic tattoo removal technique, a non-invasive method of removing tattoos using the patented magnetic needles 88RS created by Linda Paradis this technique does not require any type of anesthesia, and does not cause bleeding, inflammation, or scars. 

    Website : www.lindaparadisgroup.com / www.tattooremoov88.com 

    Instagram : @paradislinda  

    Facebook : www.facebook.com/lindaparadislinda


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