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    Kristina Melnicenco

    Specialty: ArtistIpcs2020,

    Kristina began her career as an artist in Eastern Europe in 2009. She soon realized how important the skills and knowledge she obtained in the PMU industry are too many aspects of life. Determined to make a difference, for the next couple years, Kristina invested all of her time to perfecting natural PMU results, by identifying and choosing only the best techniques available in the industry. Detail oriented, Kristina realized that soft, natural looking PMU applications would soon define a new era in the Permanent Makeup Industry, and this is exactly what Kristina Melnicenco specializes in.

    Quality has become synonymous with the name Kristina. She is known for teaching only the best techniques at her American based, prestigious 5 Star Academy located in Dallas Texas, which welcomes artists from all around the world. Kristina’s 5 Star Academy focus is her students, who come to learn and raise their skills to a new level; her efforts show in her student's breathtaking results.

    Kristina is a highly sought after conference keynote speaker across the world, at numerous conferences where she inspires permanent makeup industry audiences everywhere. She captures your heart with her ability to relate to those with multiple years of experience in the industry, and still be touchable by those who are just getting started. A genuinely caring person inside and out, Kristina enjoys sharing her expertise with anyone who has a passion to learn.

    Instagram: @5starbrows

    Facebook: @5starbrows

    Website: www.5star-academy.com


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