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    Kler Rosenberg

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    Kler Rosenberg

    Kler Rosenberg has been in the permanent makeup industry for over 17 years and has been a skin care expert and esthetician for 25 years.

    Awarded "World's Best Master” in 2018, Kler is also one of the co-founders of Beauty Angels Academy International. She was one of the first to help bring microblading mainstream in the U.S., teaching the art since early 2016. 

    She has performed in excess of 4,000 microblading procedures and has personally taught over 3,000 students. Kler was chosen to be the featured speaker at the American Academy of Micropigmentation conference and is well known for perfecting precise, thin, and crisp strokes that create the most natural eyebrows.

    In this seminar, Kler will demonstrate the fastest way to create the most natural eyebrow shape and how to make the brows precisely symmetrical by using the BeautyPro Symmetry App and core principles of microblading.

    You will learn the Beauty Angels full brow stroke pattern on latex as well as manual microshading that creates a more bold, fuller look to the eyebrows.

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    Kler Rosenberg

    Seminars are non-refundable.