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    James Olaya

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    Speciality: Eyebrows


    Magic Shadow Technical Class

    The technique taught consists of an array of movements with a needle that will improve motor performance and also the accuracy of movements with the machine, allowing the student to apply it in many different ways and combinations, making this technique universal and applicable to any eyebrow.

    The versatility and applicability are infinite! The technique is adaptable to all eyebrow shapes as well as skin types. The soft transitions, delicate ombre and amazing shading will prevent you from making mistakes in micropigmentation and your client will leave feeling beautiful and fulfilled.

    The perfect creation of pixels will result in an extremely smoky effect with depth and shadows creating an optical illusion on the eyebrows. Regardless of how delicate or extravagant your client’s eyebrow is, this technique molds itself to its desired parameters creating amazing end results.

    In addition to tips and tricks that James has developed through his many years of experience in micropigmentation, he will walk you through step-by-step how he developed and applies this technique on his clients on a live model.

    Choosing the appropriate pigments must be made very carefully. This class will teach you and recommend the best pigments in the market so this will not become an issue in your daily life.
    James recommends the use of a single point needle. This is extremely difficult! However, do not worry, he will go through the entire procedure so you can feel confident not to cause injury to the skin and have incredible healed results.


    ** Teachers will be providing certificates of completion at the end of each class ** 

    Instagram: @jamesolaya

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clinicajamesolaya/

    Website: www.jamesolaya.com.br


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    Seminar Price: $599.00


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