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    Goldeneye - The Micropigmentation Company


    Welcome to the world of Goldeneye –

    be part of the magic!

    "People that give new life by bringing forth true beauty is the

    endeavor of Goldeneye System GmbH."


    Goldeneye pursues this vision with its successful concept in the fields of Goldeneye Micropigmentation, bdr “The Medical Beauty Concept”, Stageline decorative cosmetics and WOB – “Your World of Beauty”, in over 40 countries worldwide



    Holger Hoffmann, René La Fontaine and Gabriela La Fontaine, a trio solidly united in passion, vision and dedication, are the original founding members of Goldeneye. Debbie Clifford and Jasper Scholtes became strategic partners of Goldeneye in 2013


    Why „Goldeneye“?

    Like any company that once started from scratch, Goldeneye has many small, funny and loving stories that mirror what Goldeneye still focuses on until this very day: innovative ideas, spontaneity, passion and family unity.

    The legend has it that Gabriela had just printed out an excess of 50,000 stationery sheets with the golden eye of Ra. Environmentally conscious and unwilling to simply dispose of thousands of sheets, René La Fontaine very quickly came upon the solution with a broad grin: the company was to be named "Goldeneye". From that moment on, "Goldeneye” had been called into life, complete with 50,000 sheets with the first company logo.

    The roles were instantly clear, Holger Hoffman was (and still is today) creative head of Technology and Method, René La Fontaine, the all-time CEO and co-responsible for all new innovations. Debbie Clifford is one of Goldeneye’s leading international trainers, Jasper Scholtes provides strategic and marketing consult and helps with growing the brand worldwide.


    Together they form a strong team with a determination that runs far deeper than "just" a common company. Goldeneye is an endeavor of friendship, vision, mutual trust and an ongoing commitment to the original spirit that defines the essence of Goldeneye: Compassion - human, environmental and animal compassion and protection.

    Goldeneye has always been actively involved in multitude of social projects with the enthusiasm of innovation, flexibility and vision. We absolutely reject all animal testing and refuse to include any animal ingredient in the production of our product line.  We practice a humble acceptance of religions, ideology and sexual preference. We gladly support relief projects around the world, as well as young aspiring artists.


    Since the very beginning, Goldeneye continues to grow as a bold of illustration of global, social and environmental responsibility and awareness.


    Our "young and wild" have matured well beyond their initial inclination.

    Today, Goldeneye has an international reputation established by a keen attention to detail and a drive for perfect results known of throughout the entire industry.

    When asked what is important to them, the reply is almost unison: Never pause at any recent accomplishment. No matter how great the successes, or number of awards … fulfillment lies in venturing one step further and keeping one step ahead. Passion and friendship fuel our journey.  Goldeneye is our foundation, our life philosophy, our powerhouse.


    "Because we are a family!"

    We do not want to be the cheapest or even the most expensive. We only want to be the best. Always. For our customers, partners, friends and our own team we would not accept anything less. Passion and friendship fuel our journey.  GoldenEye is our foundation, our life philosophy, our powerhouse. We will assist, you, Goldeneye family member, in becoming just as strong and successful. 
We take pride in equipping our customers with the best tools, support and opportunity to rise above the competition.  Starting with your training, coaching, work materials, sales products and continuing on to your individually customized service, global marketing support and promotional materials, which are always kept fresh and up to date.





    Website: https://www.goldeneyecompany.us/en/

    Facebook: @ukgoldeneye

    Instagram: @ukgoldeneye

    Twitter: @ukgoldeneye


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