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    Li Pigments are vegan, cruelty-free, with proven retention for over 14+ years. 

    LOADED: Loaded is our Organic Line. Exceptionally high pigment load. Heals with exceptionally high color. More vivid finish. Implants and Oxidizes fast. It does not dilute with fluid contact. Perfect viscosity. It doesn’t dry out too fast. Minimal modifying, longer-lasting, and stable aging! This is the New Ink on The Block! 
    AQUA: Aqua is our Iron Oxide Line. High pigment load. Heals with excellent color. Softer, more matte finish. Implants and Oxidizes normally. More creamy consistency. It doesn’t dry out too fast. Minimal modifying, long-lasting, and stable aging.  
    Li-FT: This is an all-natural salt/saline solution. There are no acids or chemicals! Just salt, Lemon & Orange Fruit Seed Extracts, and Aloe Vera for skin nourishment. We are seeing incredible results with Li-FT, even on clients with unsuccessful laser treatments! 
    Soft FX:  Soft FX is used to dilute the intensity of your pigments in order to achieve that soft, powdery effect. Soft FX was formulated by the Li Pigments Lab to work in perfect harmony with the Fusion Technology, blending and mixing properties of Li Pigments.
    Eyeliner Pre & Post Cleanse: The Eyeliner Pre and Post Cleanse was specially formulated with anti-microbial cleansing agents to thoroughly cleanse the eye and surrounding area before the eyeliner procedure and after the eyeliner procedure is completed.
    Anesthetics: Blue Gel (Secondary), Pro Plus (Topical), and Super Juice (non-Epi) 


    Website : www.girlzink.com 

    Instagram : @girlzinkstudio 

    Facebook : Girlz Ink Studio and PMU Supplies 

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