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    Ashley Luu

    Specialty: ArtistIpcs2020,

    Ashley luu will be doing live demos on semi-Permanent 3D Lip, Classic Eyeliner, Smokeye Eyeliner, 3D Hairstroke Brows, Ombre Shading Brows, MicroBlading, Combination Brows. 

    I have always had a lifelong love affair with make-up, hair, and permanent make up; so it’s no mystery where my passion for beauty originated. I have been immersed in the beauty/hair world and make up design since birth.

    I furthered my education in the cosmetic industry at the Elegance International Professional Makeup Industry School in Hollywood, California, USA. I feel quite comfortable introducing natural elements to my work. Therefore, I am now a master in the art of creating a ‘nude’ or ‘no make up’ look, and I have developed my own techniques of applying make up that requires great skill in order to make the client appear natural and radiant. 

    In addition, I have added permanent cosmetic makeup to my services menu portfolio. I am certified in the following techniques: Eyebrow Hair Simulation, Powder Eyebrows, Lash Enhancement, Eyeliner, Lip Sparkling, Lip Liner, Full Lip Color, Skin Needling/Collagen Rejuvenation, Scar Relaxation, Melanocyte Restoration and Scalp Micro Pigmentations. 

    For the past 10 years, I have attended a multitude of Master Classes and PMU Conferences worldwide to reinforce my fundamental education. From these experiences, I have learned from the most talented masters to help me perfect my techniques. These experiences has benefited every person that I have performed PMU procedures on.

    In my quest for perfection, I found  the school where I could acquire the ’Harvard’ education from. I decided to choose the oldest and most prestigious school, Biotek Permanent Makeup in Italy, where I recently became their International Master Teacher for California, USA.

    I will continue my eduction in the field of PMU since it is continually evolving. Furthermore, I will continue to develop my craft, pick up new skills, and open myself to new innovations that I plan to use, share and teach. 

    After 20 years in the industry I still love what I do! I truly have the best job in the world. I look forward to every new face and every new day.

    I will never stop learning!

    Website: www.ashleyluu.com 

    Instagram: @Luubeauty 

    Facebook: Ashley Luu 


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