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    AnneMarie Rubino & Naomi O'hara

    Specialty: PigmentTheory, SeminarsArtists,

    Specialty: Perma Blend Pigment Theory 

    Seminar: The Basic Science and Application of Perma Blend.

    This seminar will encompass a basic understanding of the Perma Blend Brand utilizing simple steps to understand the colors within the line and will be presented by Anne Marie Rubino.

    Following this will be a live demonstration done by Naomi O'Hara from the UK's Clinical Academy.  Naomi will also be talking about her collaboration with Perma Blend in creating the series based on the Fitzpatrick Scale.

    Bio of Artist: Naomi O'Hara worked in PMU for 15 yeas, training director of The Clinical Academy. Naomi has collaborated with Perma Blend to create The Fitzpatrick collection of brow pigments. 

    Bio of Artist: Anne Marie is part of the 2nd generation of the "Tattoo Lou's" family. Her father being Lou Rubino Sr., one of the first few tattoo shop owners in Long Island, NY. Her brother Lou Rubino Jr and his wife Jackie continued the family business opening multiple shops in NY as well as starting tattoo ink manufacturing and operating a tattoo supply company, among other tattoo industry endeavors. 10 years ago Lou, Jackie and Anne Marie opened a Medi-Spa together and they realized that the permanent makeup pigments they were using in the spa were just not the consistent quality that they were used to seeing with their tattoo inks. This is when Anne Marie and Jackie really started to tune in to the PMU world. They tried many pigment lines and just could not find what they were looking for, and noticing along the way how many color corrections came in from other PMU artists and how the pigments either faded or changed color quickly.  This is how Perma Blend came to be! Anne Marie focused on taking as many classes and training she could in the PMU world, while her brother Lou went to work formulating what would become Perma Blend. Perma Blend has revolutionized the PMU industry, changing how experienced PMU artists work, with long lasting and true colors. Anne Marie now works with the brand full time, staying on top of the newest education and constantly trying to help improve the brand. She has become the Perma Blend Ambassador!!!


    Website: www.permablend.com / www.theclinicalacademy.com 

    Instagram:  @permablend_pigments / @theclinicalacademy

    Facebook: @permablend_pigments / @theclinicalacademy 

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    Seminar Price: $599.00


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      AnneMarie Rubino & Naomi O'hara

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