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    • Aline Fraga
    • Aline Fraga

    Aline Fraga

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    Speciality: Stretch Marks 

    RELIVE SKIN METHOD – Solution for Stretch Marks

    The Relive Skin Method was born from a study that Aline did of the "marriage" of micro-pigmentation with aesthetics and was carried out by a group of mothers who were all affected by stretch marks. Their results were followed up and obtained over the duration of one year. The treatment involves four distinct and complementary phases: (i) Micro needling; (ii) Cosmetic Association; (iii) Aesthetic Association - Radio-frequency  (iv) Camouflage. All treatment begins with what we call the "evaluative phase" in which it is extremely important to know the client's skin, the causes and the age of the stretch marks. Indeed the first step of treatment after the evaluative phase is to treat the skin in the region that is affected by the lesions (stretch marks). One has to worry not only about the diameter of them, but also about all the tissue in which the rupture is located. Here it’s applied what it’s called 3R’s Principle: rescue, recover and relive the skin. Therefore, it can be said that the success of the treatment works from inside to outside and will appear after the skin is transformed by the 3 R's principle and not outside to inside what happens when it recurs superficially camouflage use only.


    ** Teachers will be providing certificates of completion at the end of each class ** 


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