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    Eyebrows Seminars

    Perfectly shaped eye brows are no easy feat. With the advancement in technology and products, women around the world are craving fuller more appropriately shaped brows to match their face. These nonsurgical procedures require no daily maintenance and leave women with full and thick, arched and always immaculately groomed brows. Learn the techniques and tips to achieve these results from the world-renowned team of artists IPCS has assembled for eye brow seminars.

    Eyelashes Seminars

    Amazing lashes don’t just happen, they get applied. Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. Learn more about this new procedure being used world-wide to enhanced your aesthetic appearance. At the IPCShow we’ll have experts in the field that will teach more about this procedure and how it can benefit you. Become part of IPCShow and lash out!

    Eyeliner Seminars

    Permanent makeup eyeliner is a way to always have your eyes on point. The ease and convenience of having permanently tattooed eyeliner is making it grow rapidly in popularity. To achieve the sultry and popping results your customers crave, you need to know the latest techniques and trends. IPCS has curated the ultimate seminar team of brow masters to hand deliver those techniques to you.

    Laser Removal Seminars

    If you’re tired of shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair. Laser removal is the way to go! Being one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures in the U.S.; laser removal is the new technique that breaks down hair follicles which eventually destroys the hair. Attending the IPCShow will give you the opportunity to meet the best of the best in laser removal and learn more about this trending cosmetic procedure.

    Lips Seminars

    Lip tattooing can dramatically enhance the appearance of lips, giving women a fuller and more defined shape. Lip tattoos eliminate the need to use a lip liner and clients never have to worry about their colors smearing, fading, rubbing off or getting on their teeth. Transforming the lips appearance, tattooing will deliver those seductive, fuller lips without having to go for filler injections. Procedures can be very technical and to deliver the best to your clients, you need to learn from the best. Seminars are available from the world’s best lip tattoo technicians.

    Scar Camouflage Seminars

    The era of beauty is in! No more years of creams and make-up cover up. Scar camouflage is the latest technique in correcting scars or unwanted body marks. Using tattoo pigments, technicians from all over the world have achieved to recolor scars to more closely match your natural skin tone. With this the IPCShow bring to you the world’s most known scar camouflage technicians in the business. Get to meet the artist behind it all while learning more about scar camouflage.



    We have assembled the best trainers and educators in the world in one place. Exclusive to licensed artists only, a multitude of expert seminars and classes of 2 to 3 hours.