Erika Resener is a well-known international trainer for Xtract. She’ll be attending IPCS to show Xtract’s holistic method for lightening and removing tattoo ink. Xtract emerged as part of a humanitarian effort led by Dr. Ben Johnson and Tina Seitz. Together, they came up with procedure that has revolutionized the industry. This life-altering  process assists in safely and effectively removing tattoos from sex trafficking victims.

By extracting ink, toxins, and heavy metals from the skin, Xtract’s Ink Chelation Technology, helps these victims literally erase a mark that carries so much pain and suffering for them. Erika will explain why it’s important to remove the ink through the skin, and by pass the body’s major organs. By illustrating how Xtract stimulates the body’s immune system cells to remove ink and increase the body’s healing process, attendants will learn how this incredible procedure gives people peace of mind.

This DNA-repairing technology preserves the hair follicles and the skin’s integrity. Mrs. Resener will explain Xtract’s effectiveness and why it’s the market’s foremost treatment for removing ink from the skin. This seminar is a must for any artist interested in removing ink safely and effectively, so you may obtain the tools needed to remove or correct previous art.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this insightful seminar on July 5, 2019 at the J.M. Marriott Marquis, in downtown Miami. Get your tickets to the event before they sell out!