If you’re a PMU artist, you’ve probably attended your share of events and mixers. After all, there are tons of conventions happening every year, all over the world. Each destination has its own theme and charm. Not only is every event exciting and filled with new people entering the industry, but you also get to say hello to friends who you might not have seen in a while due to geographical hindrances.  

In case you're asking yourself why should I attend IPCS? Well, aside from hanging out with PMU royalty like Brow Daddy, I’m going to give you the three best reasons to get your butt on a plane and head over to the Sunshine State.


1. It’s not called the Sunshine State for nothing. If you’re coming to IPCS, you should make some time to check out South Beach. Thanks to Miami’s geographical location, we enjoy year-round summers. Since IPCS is happening right at the beginning of summer, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the Miami sun for a bit. South Beach is just minutes away, so head East and before you know it, you’ll hit water. Not only water, but a colorful variety of shops, restaurants and people. You should head to Ocean Drive where you can dine, drink and party till the wee morning hours.


2. Speaking of night life, parallel to Ocean drive you’ll find Collins and Washington avenues which are filled with a variety of clubs and bars that’ll keep you bumpin’ all night long. But before you head that way, you must check out Mango’s Tropical Café. You’ll find it just off the corner of Ocean Drive and 9th It’s a restaurant/nightclub that offers the most Miami experience you’ll have on South Beach. Latin grooves along with tropical-themed live entertainment. Describing it simply doesn’t do it justice; you gotta experience it for yourself.


3. If you head a few blocks North from Mango’s, you’ll find Lincoln Road Mall. What would a trip to Miami be without throwing some shopping into the mix? Lincoln Road is a pedestrian mall where you’ll find various name brand stores along with some delicious local restaurants. Row after row of fancy boutiques and name brand stores line this wide stretch of road. There’s the Apple Store for you techies, but if fashion is your poison, you can stop by J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, Super Dry USA and the mall’s piece de resistance, H&M.


There’s more to Miami than these three things, but if you’re trying to think of a good reason to come, IPCS should be your #1 answer, followed by the vast, beautiful beaches lining this incredible city and its rowdy, yet tasteful clubs and bars. Shopping is optional, but living your best life while you attend IPCS is a must! Get your tickets to the event and seminars before they sell out. You won’t regret it; I promise you.