Teryn Darling, CPCP, is a true artist with tens of thousands of permanent cosmetic procedures under her belt. Her mastery of artistic, symmetrical, technical, and color application has made her one of the best and most sought after permanent makeup artists in the industry. Teryn has spent years studying and perfecting her craft by consistently attending advanced training classes, seminars, and workshops. She has traveled thousands of miles to have the privilege of studying under some of the best permanent makeup artists in the world.

She also spent a year and a half in a traditional tattoo apprenticeship in Las Vegas at The Skin Factory under master tattoo artist Eddie Lin. Here she studied and learned the art of tattooing, fine lines, shading, blending, powdery effects, and smudgy edges.

She is a gifted, educated, and well-rounded artist who can achieve all desired looks. Whether you are looking for soft, natural and enhancing, bolder, darker or more defining, Teryn can achieve the look that is right for you every single time. Her work has earned her the respect and referrals of many plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, aestheticians, stylists and makeup artists as well as many others in the health and beauty industry.

Teryn specializes in the Powdered Brow, Eyeliners, Lips and 3D Areola and Nipple restoration. She is one of the most sought-after artists by both clients desiring beautiful, natural and skillfully done permanent cosmetics and artists from all over the world wanting to learn her techniques. Her work has been featured in International Cosmetic Tattoo magazines as well as articles written about her in local newspapers and magazines.

You can see Teryn in action at IPCS Miami on July 5, 2019 where she’ll be conducting a seminar that’ll upgrade your eyeliner game. A certificate of training will be awarded to everyone that attends, as well as a gift bag of goodies.