Naomi O’Hara from the UK.

How did you get into PMU?

I was running two spas at the time and with family I wanted to invest more time in myself. PMU in the UK was very new, not everyone was doing. So, I started training across the country with a couple of people and I just quit my job to work full time on PMU.

How long have you been working in the industry?

Since 2005!

What’s the best part of this industry?

The fact that people talk and network with each other. In other industries artists don’t really collab with each other, but in the PMU industry people genuinely like each other and are routing for each other.

Where do you see the PMU community going forward?

I think it’s getting bigger and I see it as a good thing. Yes, they are more people doing it, but more people want to get it done. So, there is enough in the market for everyone. I do believe it should get stricter so people that are not doing well are stopped from doing it and not spoil it for the rest.

Who are you excited to see in IPCS 2020?

I am excited to re see a lot of people. I have seen and meet most of the people in the industry, there’s a few new faces but I’m excited to Teryn Darling and Ambery Guthery who are always amazing. And just revisit to see what everyone else got.

Ever been to Miami? If not, what are you looking forward to seeing?

I have not, I’m super excited to come. In my mind it’s all just a beach, so I want to actually see what it’s all about. I’ve only been in the states twice in North Carolina and Vegas.

Will you be joining us at the after parties?

Of course!

Any recommendations to the students that will be taking your class?

Do something different. Every single person that is speaking has something to offer. Push yourself to learn something different.

Beach or snow?

Definitely beach. I’m working on my beach body.