Chic skyscrapers, bumpin’ clubs, beautiful beaches filled with beautiful people – this is Miami. The Prince of Bel-air found it so appealing, he wrote a song about it. Mr. 305 himself often names the city in just about every song he writes, and Hollywood stars find it cozy enough to purchase million-dollar homes in the swankiest parts of town. There’s no doubt about it; Miami is a happening city.

The Magic City, as it’s often called, is filled with incredible architecture, art, culture, and food. Ah, the food! But what stands out the most about this vibrant place is its people. A smorgasbord of cultures meeting in one of the last places where you can find tanning salons while it’s 90 degrees outside. Colombia, Argentina, the UK, Brazil and Russia; you’ll find all these nationalities harmoniously living together and making Miami, for the most part, a city filled with hip, beautiful people.

It’s because of this dedication or preoccupation, as some might say, with looking fabulous, that makes Miami the perfect place for Permanent Makeup Artists or PMUs to flourish. If you were to stroll by Miami Beach’s famous Ocean Drive or take a cruise by any of Wynwood’s hipster-filled streets, you’d be hard-pressed to disagree.   

Miami people love to look good. After all, we have an almost year-round summer. This means, hanging out at the beach or by the pool is an almost daily routine. As a PMU artist, you’d have to work hard to not have a dedicated following and clientele. Whether it’s eyelash extensions, Botox injections or microblading sessions, people are always looking to find the new best thing in cosmetic procedures that’ll help them look and feel younger. Take a walk around Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road Mall and you’ll see a parade of beautiful people that rival any catwalk.

If you’ve been thinking about making Miami your home to start a PMU business, just take a trip during this year’s International Permanent Cosmetics Show happening from July 4th through the 7th. You’ll be able to attend different seminars conducted by PMU rock stars like Brow Daddy and Dollistic. Have a look around town and see for yourself why Miami is the hottest place for PMU. We can’t wait for you to experience our city and sing along with Mr. Smith – Bienvenido a Miami.