How long have you been working in the industry?

I’ve been working in this field for about 20 years. I did my first work of tricopigmentation in 1998 on a boy with total alopecia. He had done a tatto on his head; I asked to him to remove the tatto and then I did a shaved effect technique.

What’s the best part of this industry?

The best part of my job is the opportunity that I have every day to prove to myself my value. I believe that everyone, growing up and living, meets someone or lives some experiences that let him damage his self-esteem. Thanks to your job you can prove to yourself your value.

Where do you see the PMU community going forward?

In this period prices of permanent make up are lowering. When a treatment becomes more spread among people prices decrease. At the beginning of my career prices were high, I sold a permanent makeup at € 1000, now prices are lower than in the past and
the prices of the training courses are decreasing.  The positive side is that the standard and the quality of the technique is rising.

Who are you excited to see at IPCS 2020?

I’m looking forward to arriving in Miami to meet and to know my American colleagues.

Have you ever been to Miami? If not, what are you looking forward to seeing?

Yes, I’ve been to Miami and I love this city; this city made me dream.

Will you be joining us at the after parties?

Really, I decided to take part in this event not because I want to take part in this event, but because I want to join you at the after parties.

Any recommendations to the students that will be taking your class?

I want to recommend to the students that will be taking my class to prepare to dream. Whoever decides to take part in my class has to be ready to not use their skills but think but their talent.
How did you discover this new technique?

I discovered this new techinque, called Dermomagnetismo, because I wasn’t afraid to dream. I didn’t begin from the will to fulfill a project but from the will to fulfill a dream.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is that, in addition to my working in my little town in Italy, Sulmona, I can travel around the world to spread my knowledges about this field. In this way, I can join my job to travelling, that is one the most interesting things to do in your life.

How many years did it take to master this technique?

I’ve been working on my new technique for almost two years, but, really, the most important years are my past years. Studying electronic engineering, my knowledges in the field of make up and all the knowledges I have have been very important. My past years are very important for this new tecnique, called Dermomagnetismo.