Elena started offering lash services 8 years ago. At first, she focused on getting better at her craft, but 3 years after starting her career, some of her customers started reaching out asking for training. She began teaching private classes, then small groups, and today, her company, Lash Makers, certifies over 400 students yearly teaching lash art and business programs.

As the industry grew, the demand for higher quality products grew with it, and she started a lash supply line for lush artists. At first, it was modest, since it was only a bottle of glue and tweezers, but soon grew into a full line of 45 products selling worldwide. Aside from teaching and developing product line, Lash Makers offers lash services in their Miami studio by four in-house lash artists. Elena became an International judge and speaker as Lash competitions and conferences became a big part of the industry, which makes this business even more exciting for her.

What sets Lash Makers apart from other artists is the fact that they are artists and therefore, everyone brings something different to the procedures they conduct. She believes that everyone has their own way of creating, so she never feels the need to compete with other artists.

Elena will be conducting a seminar at IPCS Miami. In this workshop, she will share and demonstrate one of the most desired topics which are part of Lash Makers training program. This will include the mega-volume technique, understanding adhesives and how to achieve perfect retention. Live demo will be performed. Attendees will receive a course certificate and a sample product kit by Lash Makers. You can purchase your tickets to IPCS Miami on this page or any of her social media accounts. Can’t wait to see you there!