Finding the right look for your look

The permanent makeup industry is always experiencing changes. If it didn’t, there wouldn’t be such a large market of new and improved machines and techniques. Microbeau offers many handy tools for experts to do their thing. Whether it’s the Bellar or Xion S machines, they are both specifically designed to meet the demands of micropigmentation professionals.

If you’re looking for more quality tools and materials, you can always check out PlasmaPen and Love Plasma. They’ll be part of IPCS, so you can stop by their respective booths, and look at all the great hardware and merchandise they’ll have available.

Let’s go over a few basics to give you a better idea.

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo Machines and Methods:

The Digital or Pen Machine is a motorized pen that injects the pigment deeper into the epidermis. The pen does all the work, so the artist does not use too much pressure. The pen’s a little noisier than the manual method, but surprisingly enough it is as gentle on the skin and heals in most cases quicker than most manual methods.

The digital pen/machine is the more advanced option. This longer-lasting method is suitable for all skin types. Make sure you choose a brow expert that specializes in this method and has been trained in pigment knowledge.

Hand Method: The hand method uses only hand tools with no electric or motorized parts. This method has many names but most of them are very similar, all applications aim to work pigment as close to the skins surface as possible.

Epibrow & Phibrows are categorized under a procedure called microblading.

Embroidery is the same concept of microblading, but one of the original and first concepts. Over the years, eyebrow embroidery techniques have evolved and improved. The newer the technique, the more strokes-based and natural the brow is, but a lot does depend on the technician and their ability of applying both light and medium pressure to create different dept of hair strokes.

Epibrow: It was created as one of the first brands of microblading. Epibrow doesn't follow a pattern so it is not a method that is easily taught but a method you individually create for each client. Much training is needed to master this method, so do some research before deciding on who will do the procedure on you.

PhiBrows: This application of microblading / embroidery is calculated according to face morphology and it’s become one of the fastest growing concepts of semi-permanent brows all over the world.

If you’d like to learn more about all these great products, check out, where you’ll find the Bellar and Xion S, among others.