We sat down with PMU artist and Ombre powder/Hybrid Combo specialist Monica Ivani to find out a little bit more about her and her thoughts on the industry’s future. Here’s how it all went down.


1. How long have you been working as a professional PMU?

I have been a PMU artist for 7 years now, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

2. You've traveled all over the world; what has been the most fun location to visit?

Traveling has always been one of my biggest passions and absolutely love seeing different cultures and meeting lovely people from all over the globe! I love the United States as people are so friendly, but also loved Australia and South Africa ❤️ 

3. Where do you see the PMU community going forward?

PMU has changed so much in the last 4-5 years so I think our industry will just evolve even more and better and the community getting closer and closer. So many new companies are popping up and the competition is bigger. Which is good for the industry. But I feel there is a lot of countries that there are still no regulations when it comes to PMU, so I hope that will change. 

4. Are there any goals you're currently working toward?

Yes, I have lots of exciting things coming up. One of them is my new Signature Artist Series line by Li pigments is coming out very soon. It will be 4 perfect colors for eyebrows: Dark Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown and a Dark Brown. So, I'm focusing on that now and they are amazing.

5. What's your one guilty pleasure when you're on the road?

Haha!! My guilty pleasure is sweets, unfortunately. I do have a sweet tooth and when I travel, I like to keep my energy up with chocolates.


You’ll be able to see Monica at IPCS where she’ll be conducting a seminar on her hybrid combo brows technique. Get your tickets to the show and see her in action.