Anne Marie Rubino

We sat down with one of the owners and founders of Perma Blend pigments, our dear Anne Marie Rubino for a short Q & A. We had some interesting and fun feedback about her seminar and attendance at IPCS 2020. Hope you enjoy!

How did you get into the permanent make-up industry?

I was born into the tattoo industry and my dad was an all-time tattoo artist. In 2010, I opened a Medi Spa in New York where I learned about the permanent make-up industry. After attending different trainings, I realized only certain brands and colors were out in the market at that time.

When I took classes on pigments, I kept hearing the same questions, why do the pigments fade or change?

With this question along with her brother Lou Rubino, they decided to take the industry onto the next step and make pigments with colors that won’t fade or change color. This is where Perma blend was created in Florida in 2013.

How long have you been working in the industry?

Since 2010.

What’s the best part of this industry?

The evolution of the industry. If my father was alive now coming from being one of the first tattoo shops in long island to see what the industry has become now, he would have never believed it. It has gone from a real subculture to so mainstream.

What would you like to see in the PMU community going forward?

More collaboration between PMU and traditional artists. Traditional artists have so much to offer regarding technique.

Who are you excited to see in IPCS 2020?

The IPCS team! Lol. And of the artists themselves which brings the energy to the show. The artist that I meet are what gives me the energy and excitement of doing the shows. They are hungry to learn, to try new products and advance their skills.

Ever been to Miami? If not, what are you looking forward to seeing?

Miami is a great city overall. IPCS makes it a high energy event because of Miami.

Will you be joining us at the after parties?

Yes, we were so busy last year at our vendor booth. But we are coming prepared this year so I can party at night.

Any recommendations to the students that will be taking your Perma blend theory class?

Bring your questions. There are fundamental and foundational questions every artist has. Those newer artists come with all your questions so you can truly understand the brand and how it works. It will make them feel more confident on the product they are working with. They are no silly questions, every question counts. Without the basics or foundation, you’re always going to be on a wobble ground.  

What will be the format of the class?

I will be teaching the basics on power point; however, they will be able to have all the products with them on the table so they can-do hands-on experience with the colors. How they look in their mass, mid and base tone. I will bring workbooks for the students as well. Students will also be able to get full understanding of the Perma blend line. Correctors and toners, as well as why certain pigments are used in the brand.

Tequila or Coffee?

Tequila fur-sure!