If you’re in permanent makeup business, you have no doubt come across a few companies that claim to offer the best and most up-to-date equipment. Too often that is not the case, though. Luckily, Amiea, a pioneer in the field of the injection of colors and substances into the skin, has been constantly investing in research and development to turn the latest trends and dreams into a permanent, high-quality reality. It is because of their continued dedication to outstanding products and their design that the International Permanent Cosmetics Show in Miami has chosen them as one of their major sponsors.

Amiea holds research and development as one of the key pillars of their outstanding market position and success. They hold various patents and heavily invest in development of new and existing products. Located on the outskirts of Berlin, Amiea’s factory boasts an impressive 5,200 square meters, where they produce all their systems, cartridges and colors used by a large majority of PMU experts.

The health and beauty industry stands on the forefront of a new era: digitalization. Looking ahead to the future, Amiea’s smart products and processes help industry experts work more efficiently and more tailored to the needs of their clients. One of Amiea’s greatest achievements is to be the first to patent a system that integrates needles into a single-use cartridge. This greatly helps tattoo and PMU artists maintain health standards to the highest degree while ensuring an equally high level of perfection in artists’ work.

No matter the discipline, PMU artists from all walks of life prefer Amiea products and systems because of their quality and endurance. You can check out at all the different products they offer at the show on happening on July 4-7 at the J.W. Marriott Marquis in downtown Miami. Can’t wait to see you there!